Brand Concept

The sea shimmering in the sunlight. The azure sky. The sun rising from beyond the horizon. Cherising the playfulness of spirit fostered only in Yokohama.

We will continue creating tasteful products loved by customer worldwide, with love from Yokohama.

Meticulous patterns and vibrant colors, produced by the Yokohama Nassen process. This is made possible because we are a factory brand that holds the spirit of playfulness dear in our hearts.

The beautiful coloring, distinctive texture, depth of color, and variety of expression, achieved through craftsmanship.

The delicate patterns and vibrant colors are the distinctive product of the nassen technique. Born through the Japanese mastery of the nassen printing table.

Everything starts with a pure white cloth. From a place of nothing, we think up each and every item ourselves.

The beautiful colors bring cheer and joy to the everyday. The refined colors bring depth and richness to the passage of time.

The perfect smoothness. The perfect freshness. The distinctive texture of the tenugui (hand towel) lets you experience the special fabric “wakaba”.

Meticulously steamed. Beautifully colored. Gently washed. It turns into its true color.

Planning, production, sales. We create freedom by doing everything ourselves. Great new patterns are created to match the beauty of the seasons.

We hope flowers of cheer and well-being bloom in everyday life. We want to contribute to a lifestyle of abundance, regardless of Japanese or Western style. That is what we at hamamonyo aim for.