Furoshiki from hamamonyo

With vibrant, rich coloring dyed using the Nassen process, the hamamonyo Furoshiki features attractive, hamamonyo-like patterns that are a perfect match for the modern scene. The fabric is made using high-quality cotton shantung, which is glossy with irregular ridges, and is perfect for coloring.
It comes in three sizes, from the 50cm × 50cm size perfect for wrapping bento boxes, to the 90cm × 90cm, which can be used as a tablecloth.

[hamamonyo Furoshiki Product Name/Size]
Small (50cm × 50cm) /Medium (70cm × 70cm)/Large FUROSHIKI Cloth (90cm × 90cm)

Another appeal of the hamamonyo Furoshiki series is its wide range of patterns.

Another appeal of the hamamonyo Furoshiki series is its wide range of patterns.
Not only is useful for carrying things around, as it was used in the past, the design matches well with both Western and Japanese design, meaning it can be used for interior design, such as in kitchen, living room, or a range of other ideas.

You can make an original bag using the Furoshiki.

We also have the “Kiseae Belt”, a furoshiki belt that can be used casually with a bag.
Since you can use all kinds of furoshiki as your own personal bag, have fun collecting furoshiki in a wide range of patterns, including colorful seasonal patterns and standard Komon patterns, according to any scenario.

Presenting the Travel Cloth, perfect for travel.

Light and compact, the non-wrinkling and conveniently portable Travel Cloth made its debut in 2013.
Use it to wrap up clothes or other items while traveling for easy packing.
Unlike the cotton shantung material of the other Furoshiki, the Travel Cloth is made from 100% polyester, making this furoshiki affordable and easy to use.

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