hamamonyo Tenugui

Vibrant colors and diverse patterns created through Nassen, a traditional hand-dyeing technique from Yokohama, are characteristic of hamamonyo’s tenugui.
For our tenugui fabric, we use “Wakaba”, woven especially for hamamonyo.
This special fabric is dedicated to domestic materials, from the thread to the weaving.
There are over 100 patterns of tenugui regularly available, with new seasonal patterns appearing four times a year.

A plethora of Tenugui born from the playful spirit of hamamonyo

Our wide range of tenugui, such as the Tenugui Bon®, a tenugui that has been folded into a book, the Picture Tenugui, which uses a single bold motif, and the Tenugui Handkerchief with hemmed edges, are born from hamamonyo spirit of playfulness.

Of these, the Picture Tenugui has gained a wide following among hamamonyo’s many products, not only as a hand towel, but with its high design sense, as single picture as well as a seasonal interior decoration. Enjoy these seasonal tenugui, filled with the playful spirit of hamamonyo and the essence of Yokohama.

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