Tenugui Handkerchief

hamamonyo’s Tenugui Handkerchief is cut to half the size of an ordinary tenugui to make it more portable.
The edges are hemmed to make it easy to use even for tenugui novices.
Of course, this handkerchief maintains the advantages of a tenugui in that it is highly absorbent and dries easily.
The Tenugui Handkerchief feature such designs as the standard hamamonyo patterns, seasonal patterns, the “Hitokoto Handkerchief” with a message, the easy-to-use ABC handkerchief made with the letters of the alphabets, and the Iroha Handkerchief using differing designs for all 47 characters of the Japanese kana alphabet.

Iroha Handkerchief, winner of the 2008 Good Design Award

The Iroha Handkerchief is designed featuring each of the 47 characters of the Japanese kana alphabet, including the diacritical marks.
These handkerchiefs let you combine characters to make messages, such as “thank you” or “congratulations”, as well as names or initials, favorite words, and expressions of gratitude, which you can send to someone you love or enjoy yourself.
Iroha Handkerchief, also won the 2008 Good Design Award for its intricate sense of design.

The “One Phrase Handkerchief” is a handkerchief that conveys feelings.

We’ve created a number of handkerchiefs with simple “one-phrases”, such as “thank you”, “congratulations”, “good luck”, and more. Sending this handkerchief will help to convey feelings that cannot ordinarily be expressed in words.
The One-Phrase Handkerchief is a popular item, beloved among hamamonyo goods since its release in the summer of 2009.

Reversible Gauze Handkerchief

The Reversible Gauze Handkerchief is a reversible handkerchief with different designs printed on the back and front of the soft, triple-layered fabric.
With its vibrant coloring due to Nassen printing and characteristic one-point stitch embroidery, this intricate piece hemmed with mellow is one of our popular handkerchiefs.
Its size makes it easy to fold up a put into a pocket.

Japanese Towel

hamamonyo’s Japanese Towel, as the name suggests, is made entirely in Japan, from planning and design to manufacturing. Three sizes are available, from bath towels and face towels to the Semi-Wash,featuring a convenient and portable size.
When it comes to design, hamamonyo’s greatest appeal, there are over 90 types of items available in one season when combined with our initial towels, including the Japanese Komon pattern, unique and playful patterns brimming with the flavor of the season.
[hamamonyo Japanese Towel Product Name/Size] Semi-Wash/Initial Towel (25cm×25cm)/Face Towel (33cm×83cm)/Bath Towel (67cm×127cm)

Japanese Towel Fabric, woven in two layers of gauze and pile

The fabric for the Japanese Towel is woven in two layers of gauze and pile, dries quickly all while being just the right thickness and having good absorption.
Since the outer fabric is gauze, it has an incredibly gentle touch, making it a longtime seller with some of the best reviews among hamamonyo’s numerous products.

The Japanese Towel makes a perfect gift as well.

This towel, which features not only a gentle touch, but patterns filled with the playful spirit of hamamonyo, can be used with peace of mind by everyone in the family, from children to adults.
With the bath towel, face towel, and semi wash, as well as a range of hamamonyo’s popular patterns, these make a perfect gift set as well.

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